Some of the most luxurious and extravagant materials used in home décor are marble and granite. The stunning natural patterns and colours of the stone make flooring, worktops and counters, bathroom vanity units and walls, timeless and artistic.


Granite is one of the oldest and most durable natural stones. It is used where toughness and longevity is necessary and can be seen in exterior projects in the form of kerbing stones, buildings, bridges, monuments, every day tombstones, street and house name plaques. Look closely and you will see many external applications. It has been used as a building material for thousands of years.

Granite is a prestige material for interior use and granite slabs and tiles are used for kitchen worktops, tiles, stairs, and many other design features. The impression is always one of grace, elegance, and quality.

Granite is a composition of feldspar, biotite, quartz and other minerals. The unique colourations and patterns are formed because of the minerals melting into the liquid mass when this hard igneous rock was formed.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, granite is hard wearing, low maintenance, and waterproof, stain resistant, difficult to scratch or burn and is long lasting.

Granite Projects

When choosing granite for a new kitchen, take time over the choice, as it is an expensive purchase and one you will need to live with for a long time. It is advisable to consult with your interior designer who can liaise with the granite supplier on your behalf and advise you on colour. Very often, the same type of granite will be different if it is not in the same batch so your interior designer will ensure the granite is from the same batch and the colour is right for your kitchen project. Trends in kitchen design come and go, which can make your scheme dated very quickly so it is better to go for a timeless design to obtain the best value for your purchase. The granite worktop can include a grooved drainer next to the sink, which gives a continuity and richness to the design.

Your granite will be in a single slab, which is polished and cut specifically to your requirements. When you buy granite for a kitchen worktop project, there may be off cuts from the factory process. Sometimes there may be enough pieces to make other home décor accessories such as shelves or a kitchen or home office computer workstation. Your granite supplier will be happy to help with any off cuts and cut them to size or custom make a piece for you. The most attractive and unusual computer workstations can be built of granite, which gives an interesting twist to a home office. Many homes have a computer in the kitchen and having a neat computer workstation in the same granite as the worktops is a neat solution.

Bathrooms are made for granite with granite tiles the ultimate in bathroom luxury. Toning or contrasting granite tiles on the floor and for a vanity unit give an extravagant look, which is practical to the last. Again, consideration should be given to colour and pattern as this is a look you will want to live with for a long time.

Fire hearths look fabulous when made form a piece of granite and a piece will be bought cheaply at a granite supplier that can be cut and polished to suit your project. Some exterior accessories made from granite can be brought inside for decoration, scan around any garden centre for ideas such as granite balls, birdbaths and other decorative ideas.

The different types of granite give a palette of shades, some vibrant, some muted and some so completely spectacular it is hard to comprehend the beauty. There is a stunning black granite called “Galaxy” which is highly polished in the finished article within the granite is sparkling flecks of gold which looks like a clear night sky. There is a granite colour to suit everybody and to complement baths and kitchen units.

Browse around any granite supplier and see the true beauty of this material. Look at those off cut pieces and consider how they can be used for interior design projects. Even the smallest piece carved with your house name and number will look sensational.

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